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Wood Burning or Multi-Fuel Stoves?

Wood burning or multi-fuel stoves?

Many stoves will be designed specifically as either wood burning or multi-fuel stoves.

A multi-fuel stove means you are able to burn a combination of logs, smokeless fuels or peat/turf briquettes. Multi-fuel stoves also have a riddling grate which allows ash to be collected into a built-in ashpan as these fuels burn best with air entering from beneath the fire and allowing for more efficient combustion.

Dedicated wood burning stoves are designed to specifically burn wood only rather than the additional solid fuels detailed above and have a fixed grate and no ashpan. Logs burns best on a flat bed of ash with air for combustion coming from above and are therefore designed to allow you to develop the ash bed.

Stove World Glasgow offers a wide choice of traditional and contemporary wood burning and multi-fuel stove models to suit most rooms and homes.

Wood Burning Stoves Glasgow

Wood Burning Stoves Glasgow Scotland - Stove World

Multi-Fuel Stoves Glasgow

Multi-Fuel Stoves Glasgow Scotland - Stove World

Today, innovative designs such as Stovax Professional XQ will allow homeowners without a chimney to include a solid fuel appliance in their properties. This twin-wall pipe system can be installed in variety of properties therefore rooms such as conservatories or family rooms can now benefit from the ambience and focal point created by either a wood burning or multi-fuel stove.

Another major development for stove manufacturers is the extensive availability of designs that are suitable for use in Smoke Control Areas. As technology has progressed, manufacturers have created numerous models suitable for this specific area. Visit our Smoke Control Areas page to find out more.

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